The Au Pair School Training

A great way for you to overcome jet lag and ask questions and meet other Au Pairs.

Upon arriving to the U.S. to spend a year with your new Host Family, you will first attend our partner agency’s Au Pair Training School and Programme Orientation in New Haven, Connecticut.

The Au Pair Training School is a great way for you to overcome jet lag and ask questions in a comfortable environment. It is also a way for you to meet other Au Pairs and classmates often stay in touch throughout the entire programme year.

Classes are lead by a team of child development experts who have extensive experience teaching and working with children who teach in a learning and caring capacity. Class training includes lectures, child development instruction, safety with children, videos, tests, and hands-on projects.

Acquiring New Skills

Acquiring these new skills will give you confidence when settling-in with your new family. You will also receive an Au Pair Workbook which details the lessons so you can refer to it during your year in America.

As required by the Department of State, you will receive a total of 32 hours of training and instructions through course materials, classroom time, hands-on learning, videos, tests and answer sheets. The programme lasts 3 days and free time to visit the region is available in the evenings (visiting the New York City is the most popular!).

Accommodation, breakfasts and lunches are included in the programme and your Host Family will either collect you at the end of your Training School or will cover your pre-arranged travel to their home.

The Au Pair Training School topics include the following:

  • Roles and responsibilities of an Au Pair
  • American culture & the typical American household
  • Creating a positive working relationship with Host Parents
  • Preparing for culture shock
  • Establishing routines and maintaining flexibility
  • Health and nutritional needs of children
  • Child temperament and communicating effectively with children of all ages
  • In- depth Child Development and Safety courses for:
    • Newborns to 12 months,
    • Age 12 months to 24 months,
    • Ages 2 to 5
    • Ages 5 to 12+
  • Sibling relationships and how to care for more than one child at a time
  • Household safety & hygiene
  • First aid training that includes CPR
  • Safety training for infants, toddlers and young children, and much more!

Host Families are responsible for your flights and / or transportation expenses from the Au Pair School to their home.

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