Square AuPair has teamed up with New Ventures Worldwide CIO, a UK based charity, to deliver a new exciting programme that is very beneficial to our host families.

New Venture Worldwide CIO places young people from different nationalities in the UK for up to 12 months to undertake volunteer work as part of their own personal and professional development and to help foster cultural understanding.

Our two organisations jointly deliver the Community Volunteer Scheme in order to provide an important service to families struggling to meet their childcare needs and to assist local nonprofit sector organisations.

Community Volunteer Scheme will allow the volunteer participant to join a host family to take on childcare and light housework in return for accommodation, food and pocket money. They can become a part of your family, experience a new country, learn a new language an also take part in other volunteer work during their free time (specifically in Education sector, Health / Social Care sector, Animal welfare sector). This will give them the chance to develop, learn and make their own unique contribution.

Volunteers are:

  • Aged 18 to 29
  • Have an acceptable level of English
  • Have interest in children, childcare and in voluntary work
  • Have completed the programme application including an interview, character references, medical clearance, both home country and UK police check

What our happy families and au pairs have to say

Throughout, Square AuPair remained in regular contact, were very professional but friendly and always happy to answer any questions and to have follow-up calls if necessary.

It has been a great pleasure working with Square AuPair and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results.

We couldn’t be happier. We have a wonderful person living with us, who is very responsible and caring of our children.

A special thanks goes to Square AuPair for helping me find my dream 'second family'.

I will definitely contact you again when it is time to find a new au pair for our family.

I'm very happy. I'm in the best family. The first days have been very nice!

Square AuPair have been amazing at walking us through the entire au pair process.

I'm settling in very well, my host family is lovely! They are so kind with me and always ask me if I need something or if I'm ok. And I'm having a lot of fun with them, we always do something different every day! The house and my room are really lovely too.

I particularly appreciated Kristyna’s approach ... I felt that she understood key points about our needs and our family culture to be able to assess the best personality fit for our girls.

The first couple of days were wonderful. I really like it here. I couldn't complain about anything.

I was impressed with the quality of profiles provided. All candidates were a great fit for our family.

I'm very happy with the family. Tomorrow I start English school and this weekend I met another au pair. I'm very happy.

I highly recommend Square AuPair for their tailored approach and proactive support and intend to use them going forward for as long as I intend to keep having au pairs.

Thank you very much for your support. I'm very, very excited and happy with the family. They're incredible people.

From the first contact to post completion of contract with our new au pair, Square AuPair has acted with a great sense of professionalism and care.

All is great, thank you! I love my routine, the family, where I live - everything!

Thank you for your emails and care you expressed about our new au pair. It looks like you have provided us with the best au pairs so far!

Being together for almost seven months with my host family, I realised how much I grew up. I've done so well with my host family, I have decided to stay longer than a year. Special thanks to Square AuPair for allowing me to have this experience and helping me to find my 'second family'.

Our au pair is wonderful. She is sweet, calm and loving. I couldn't ask for a better au pair. We have had a wonderful experience with our last au pair and we were afraid she had set the bar too high for others, but our new au pair has risen to the occasion. I just hope she is having a great time too and will stay with us for as long as she wants.